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We like nothing more than putting on new Activewear - that ultra-fresh feeling of wearing something new that's never been worn before. But, have you ever questioned how fresh your Activewear actually is and whether your first wear is THE first wear? At Lorna Jane we can confidently say you will be the first to wear your Activewear and it's made possible with our ground-breaking First Wear initiative.

The call for untouched Activewear is a growing trend as our communities start to care more about what comes in contact with their bodies; from food, supplements and skincare to now looking at what clothes are made from and how they can affect your skin, you want clear information and options when it comes to your Activewear and we're here to give it to you!

That's why in 2017 we introduced a brand new kind of NEW through our First Wear Initiative to ensure that when you pick your purchase, you're given the option to receive an unworn piece of Activewear.


So, how do we ensure that there's nothing but new in the garment bag?

By overhauling our production and logistics practices to deliver the following outcomes, keeping our customer as a top priority:

  • Our fabric and garment finishing procedures are streamlined to minimise skin-to-garment handling at every step in the supply chain, because the less hands that touch the fabric the fresher it will be when you receive it.
  • We revamped our manufacturing facilities with a new garment packaging system to reduce individual handling and create the cleanest possible production and packaging environment.
  • We revised our standards to increase staff awareness around garment handling and skin-to-garment contact.

On top of this, we also send our products directly to stores to further reduce multi-handling and we are transitioning to full use of tamper-proof and non-resealable compostable garment bags by mid-2020.

These processes make our First Wear initiative a new industry benchmark - creating the promise of and delivering the freshest Activewear on the planet.

You deserve the best when it comes to our product, whether shopping in-store or online so we're doing our very best to ensure you receive the best quality, the best fit and the best service, however you choose to shop.

And we want you to know that when you wear Lorna Jane you can do it with confidence knowing that your first wear, is the first wear*!

*Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for further details.

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We know you've got better things to do than laundry! So our garments are engineered to work hard in your workouts, but also be simple to care for too. We're also mindful of the impact that keeping your Activewear 'fresh' can have on the environment. So, our care instructions are as eco-friendly as possible. Check out the individual care labels on each garment for the deets, as they do vary between styles. But here are the basics:

  • Cold wash with same colours
  • Use a wash bag
  • Use a gentle detergent - opt for sports friendly or fragrance free soap if you can
  • Say 'no' to fabric softener as it can degrade the sweat wicking properties of technical fabrics
  • Air or line dry in the shade
  • No tumble dry, as our technical pieces dry really quickly anyway and it's better for the environment and saves power!
  • It's important to note that while the vibrancy of some brighter colours (and particularly fluoro's) may fade overtime. You can keep these colours brighter for longer by pre-washing in cold water + a teaspoon of salt.


Thermal garments are a little different from your regular Active pieces and because of this they require some extra care when washing.

To keep you warm our thermal garments have a brushed fleece finish that sits against your skin, so like all brushed fleece it can be prone to pilling when rubbing occurs either when wearing or in the wash. We want you to know that pilling is not a fabric defect or fault, but a normal occurrence caused by everyday wear and tear of fleece garments and does not affect the durability or functionality of the fabric.

It is important to us that your thermal pieces last as long and look as good as the rest of your Lorna Jane garments so we have outlined below the best way to take care of them.


Washing Instructions: Use cold water to hand-wash with mild detergent or select delicate settings on your washing machine. Turn your garments inside out and always use a wash bag.

Laundry to Dry: Please machine spin on gentle and then hang dry or dry flat in the shade.

Limit Friction: Please try to avoid friction on your thermal pieces e.g. wearing backpacks, sliding on the floor, crawling on your knees, sitting on rough surfaces, or rubbing stains - as these can cause pilling.

Laundry Detergent & Softeners: Choose a milk laundry detergent for brushed fabrics to retain the softness of the yarn and reduce peeling caused by friction.

If Pilling Occurs: Use a good quality fabric shaver on the surface of the fabric to remove any pilling.

Why we recommend using a wash bag?

Wash bags prolong the life of your Activewear. They prevent any stray fibres from "fluffy" items in the rest of your wash attaching themselves to your technical fabrics and they stop your bra straps and clasps getting tangled with other items in the wash. They also reduce stray fibres from shedding and making their way into our precious waterways.




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When it comes to Sports Bras we know that every woman is different - and that one size, shape or level of support does not fit all.


80% of women are wearing the wrong Sports Bra
Your breasts can bounce up to 18cms without the right support
Wearing the wrong bra can negatively impact your posture and cause back pain
Underwires can cause irreparable damage to your precious breast tissue

Maximum Support - perfect for high impact cardio workouts. High Support - Perfect for medium impact cardio workouts. All Day Support - Perfect for low impact workouts like yoga or for everyday wear. Shop Now

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Lorna Jane Tights are technically designed to work with you and your body. Think of them like your second skin - without a spot of skin showing through!

We’ve been perfecting our tights for more than 30 years to ensure you love them as much on your first wear as you do on your hundredth. Thoughtfully designed and performance-tested by our team to ensure we’re confident that all our products are the very best in the market.

3/4 length - finishes just below the knee. 7/8 length - sits slightly under the calf. Ankle Biter length - Finishing just above the ankle. Full length - finishing just below the ankle. Shop now
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“Absolutely amazing tights! So comfortable and so flattering to wear.” - Katrina H

“I have had mine for more than 2 years now and wear them at least once a week and they still look brand new! The quality is amazing!!” - Tahlia P

“I have tried many brands of tights and these are the most comfortable so far. They don’t fall down during yoga or Pilates. I love them.” - Cathy D

“The most amazing legging I have ever worn! I was very nervous about the price and ordering online but as soon as I put them on I was in love and bought another pair straight away. Best leggings, super comfy and so flattering. Easy to wear to the gym or as normal leggings, or even can get away with them on nights out! Absolutely love them!” - Amy B