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Discover Womens Jackets, Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Lorna Jane's range of athleisure activewear is designed to break the boundaries between everyday life and fitness. From lunges to loungewear - the question is; why compromise style for performance? Designed for comfort, practicality, and style, add to your everyday rotation with our collection of sweatshirts, jumpers and womens hoodies.

Serving a variety of designs and prints, including our cropped hoodie, zip jackets and crew neck sweaters, as well as our comfort seamless pieces ready for your workout. Lorna Jane has you covered from your warm lounge-ready hoodie pieces or your soft-touch technology outerwear for your workouts.

Womens Hoodies: Discover Athleisure Chic

Embrace your inner-athlete, with our Ultimate Thermal hoodie which utilizes moisture-wicking and breathable technologies - the perfect gym hoodie for your pre and post-workouts. For the ultimate off-duty athleisure look, try our Cozy Zip-Front Teddy Jacket – guaranteed to keep you warm and stylish. Keep snug with Ultra Lite Down Jacket made with down feathers and are wind resistant. For the colder seasons, our range of puffers in seasonal prints has you covered. To match your new hoodie or sweater - Lorna Jane has a variety of layering pieces to pair including our tights and leggings, or our tanks here.

Not only are our womens hoodies perfect for your early morning workout, but they are also the perfect transition piece for brunch after class or if you are heading to your class. Stylish, comfortable and warm! Shop the full range of womens jackets and hoodies with Lorna Jane online.

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Chic Womens Shackets for Every Occasion

Lorna Jane's collection shines with women's shackets, blending shirt comfort with jacket warmth. Bridging the gap between a shirt and a jacket, shackets offer a lightweight, yet cozy option for layering over your favorite workout gear or casual outfit. Available in a variety of designs, from classic to modern, our womens shackets ensure you stay warm without sacrificing style. Whether you're cooling down after a workout or stepping out for a casual day, a fleece shacket adds that extra layer of comfort and chic to your ensemble.

Quarter Zip Sweatshirts: Practical Comfort

Experience comfort and convenience with our unique selection of quarter zip sweatshirts. Designed as a no-fuss, active layer, these Lorna Jane sweats feature a stylish zip-up neckline that lets you wear your sweaters your way. With their unique combination of comfort and style, our quarter zip jumpers offer an easy way to transition from workout to play without missing a beat. Pair with comfy pants or layer over tees and sports bras

Light and Stylish Weightless Jackets

Introducing Lorna Jane's weightless jackets – the peak of light, airy, and effortlessly stylish outerwear designed for the active woman. These pieces are perfect for those who seek protection without the bulk, offering an ultra-light layer that you'll barely feel. Whether you're out for a run, heading to the gym, or simply enjoying the outdoors, a new weightless jacket provides just the right amount of coverage while keeping you looking fashionable. Their sleek design ensures you're ready for any activity, any time.


Q: What is a Shacket?
A: A shacket combines the style of a shirt with the warmth of a jacket, creating a versatile layer ideal for any outfit. Not limited to flannel, shackets use a variety of comfortable, durable materials perfect for both active and leisure wear. Originating as practical workwear, today's shackets are fashionable for anyone needing an extra layer that's both stylish and functional.

Q: Why choose a women's shacket from Lorna Jane?
A: Choosing a women's shacket from Lorna Jane means opting for a versatile layer that combines the comfort of a shirt with the warmth of a jacket. Our shackets are lightweight yet cozy, perfect for layering over activewear or casual outfits, ensuring warmth without sacrificing style. Available in various designs, they’re a fashionable addition to any ensemble.

Q: What sets Lorna Jane's womens hoodies apart?
A: Lorna Jane's women's hoodies stand out for their seamless blend of style and performance. With designs that transition smoothly from fitness to casual wear, these pieces offer comfort, practicality, and style without compromise. Featuring a range of designs from cropped hoodies to seamless jackets, each piece is crafted for both workouts and everyday life.

Q: What makes the quarter zip sweats from Lorna Jane special?
A: The quarter zip sweats from Lorna Jane are special for their practical comfort and stylish zip-up neckline. Designed for effortless transitions from active to leisure wear, these sweats offer a comfortable and convenient layering option. Their unique blend of style and functionality makes them an essential part of any activewear wardrobe.

Q: Why wear weightless jackets for outdoor activities?
A: Lorna Jane's weightless jackets are perfect for outdoor activities. They provide light, airy, and stylish protection without the bulk. Ideal for running, gym sessions, or any outdoor enjoyment, these ultra-light pieces offer sufficient coverage while ensuring you remain agile and fashionable. Their sleek design is perfect for active women on the go.