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Welcome to the Lorna Jane Fit Room. Let us help guide you towards a wardrobe that is designed for the modern, active women; that makes you feel good, look good and handle’s anything life throws at us.

At Lorna Jane, we design for the Active Living™ but also for the modern women and with 95% of the Lorna Jane team comprising of women, we pride ourselves on designing pieces that flatter and support all female figures.

We are the creators of the Activewear Category with over 35 years of innovation of fit and fabric engineering, we continually research and develop new pieces that will evolve Activewear into the future.

In the pursuit of our commitment to deliver the best activewear in the market, we rigorously performance test our garments and we are proud to say our fabrics have unparalleled recoverability against the competition.

Our guides are here to help explain the differences between our products technical fabrications and key features so you’re able to confidently make choices that will compliment your Active Living lifestyle.

Know exactly what product you want but unsure of sizing? Our comprehensive Size Charts and interactive Size Find Quiz will help you determine the size you need for maximum movement and maximum comfort.

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Discover the Perfect Fit with the Lorna Jane Fit Room

Experience the difference that the right fit can make. Lorna Jane Fit Guides offer a more personalised shopping experience, so you know that you’ll find the right advice and the perfect activewear for your lifestyle.

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Explore Lorna Jane’s Activewear Guides

Lorna Jane’s activewear Guides are designed to help you understand the unique styles, fabrics, and functions of activewear so you can make sure you have the right exercise clothes to meet your specific needs. From activewear that's best for high-intensity training, right through to must-have yoga and pilates gear, discover the wide range of options available to support your active lifestyle.

Personalised Fitting Experience at Lorna Jane

We’re passionate about helping you find the ideal fit, to make sure you get the maximum comfort and performance from your activewear. Whether you need advice on sizing, styles, or the best activewear for your exercise routine, our Fit Room Guides are the perfect place to get recommendations.

Innovative Fabrics and Designs for Every Workout

Lorna Jane’s activewear is crafted from innovative fabrics designed to provide durability, flexibility, and breathability. From moisture-wicking materials to four-way stretch fabrics, each piece is engineered to enhance your performance and keep you comfortable. Explore our range of designs that blend functionality with fashion, allowing you to look and feel your best during every workout.


Q: What are the different fit guides offered by Lorna Jane?
A: Lorna Jane offers a variety of fit guides, including those for sports bras, tights and leggings, shorts as well as tees. For an even more personalised experience, check out our size and fabric guides!

Q: How can the Fit Room help me find the perfect fit?
A: The Fit Room provides a personalised fitting experience with expert advice on sizing, styles, and the best activewear for your workout routine.

Q: What makes Lorna Jane’s fabrics innovative?
A: Lorna Jane uses a range of high performance fabrics that offer improved durability, flexibility, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties to enhance performance and comfort.

Q: Can I find activewear for different types of workouts?
A: Yes, Lorna Jane offers activewear designed for various workouts, including gym based training, running, Pilates, and more!

Q: How do I get personalised recommendations for activewear?
A: Visit the Fit Room for a personalised fitting experience and expert advice on finding the right activewear for your needs.