The Return of 2000s Style & Y2K Fashion

13 May, 2023 | MNB TEAM


Breaking Down The Y2K Fashion & Noughties Nostalgia

Whether you were around for the iconic fashion scene in the 2000s or are looking for the chance to take part in the noughties nostalgia, the Y2K aesthetic has officially reclaimed its chokehold on women’s style once again. Bringing back maximalism, layering, neon colours, double denim and more – Lorna Jane breaks down the top 2000’s trends and how we’re styling them this season:

What is Y2K fashion?

But before we jump into the 2000’s style staples, let’s break down the core of the iconic Y2K style. Two main style aesthetics rose to prominence across the early 2000s which influenced the Y2K aesthetic to come: athleisure and streetwear. These style inspirations still remain prominent in what has become known as Y2K-2, or the resurgence of the 2000s style we are seeing this season.

While athleisure brought us the matching velour tracksuit sets and neon colours, streetwear brought back low-waisted denim, cargo pants, statement tees and trucker hats. Signature style icons of the 2000’s era rocking these aesthetics included the likes of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, Eminem, NSYNC and more.

How To Style the Y2K aesthetic

When tapping into your inner Y2K girl era, it can be a difficult balance to blend the nostalgic aspects of childhood with our current clothing staples. But styling an effortlessly chic 2000s inspired look, doesn’t have to re-create the cringey moments our childhood selves once wore. Simply turn to current style celebrities such as Emma Chamberlain, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenners and more who have easily incorporated 2000s trends into their looks with refined and elevated dressing.

Velour Tracksuits

Nothing says 2000s like a matching velour tracksuit set. The sophisticated and sporty style is easily one of the most recognisable Y2K trends and was popularised by the likes of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Today, the allure of the velour tracksuit set is very much intact, tapping into the trending loungewear style and naughties nostalgia.

Enter your Mean Girls era and sport a matching tracksuit set to get into the Y2K spirit. The Lorna Jane ‘Naughties Nostalgic Velour Zip-Thru' and matching ‘Bootleg Track Pant’ is an easy way to pay homage to this trend whilst bringing it into the modern era.

With a contemporary cropped zip-up and flattering mid-rise bootleg pant, this iconic velour tracksuit set will become an absolute staple in your clothing collection. Perfect for running errands, lounging about at home or hanging out with friends. Easily style with a crop top, chunky sneakers, a claw clip and a mini bag for the ultimate throwback look.

Or if you’re not looking to fully commit to an absolutely iconic velour ensemble, simply take inspiration from this trend with a refined twist by wearing a modern matching sweat set. Our Lounge Fleece Hoodie and matching Trackpant are a great way to dip your toe into the Y2K style. Team with a headband and sporty sneakers for a model-off-duty look.

Statement Tees

Sweet, snarky and sassy, statement tees were another Y2K wardrobe staple. Spotted sported on celebrities everywhere from red carpets to paparazzi photos on the street, the statement tees, logo shirts and bold graphic tees were another style of the 2000s season. Typically characterised by neutral tees and bright coloured statements strewn across the front, this look was divisive and either adored or strongly hated.

To bring this style into the modern era while giving a nostalgic nod to our roots, a simple logo graphic tee or bold graphic design is all you need. For a refined take on the classic trend, style your graphic logo tee with jeans and sneakers for elevated everyday dressing. Or kick back in comfort and embrace the Y2K Street style by wearing a graphic tee with a sports bra, bike shorts, long socks and chunky sneakers. Top off the look with a bucket hat and you’re ready to hit the streets in style.

Struggling to pick the perfect graphic tee to tap into this look? Our Lorna Jane graphic relaxed tee or boyfriend tee silhouettes are great options to bring this style to life!

Double Denim

No 2000s style article could ever be complete without mentioning the iconic double denim look donned by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake to the 2001 American Music Awards (AMAs). An iconic piece of Y2K history, the all-denim ensemble has a place in all of our hearts with many re-creating the signature style over the years.

Take on this classic look with a contemporary lens and incorporate double denim into your everyday looks or athletic apparel. Our Stride Washed Rib Tank & Ankle Biter Leggings in a pale indigo denim colourway is the perfect way to pay homage to Britney & Justin with a modern twist. Easily accessorise the look with sneakers and a throwover jumper for an elevated look.

Alternatively mix and match existing denim pieces in your collection to switch up your style. This could include denim jumpers, denim jeans, denim shorts and denim skirts! Match denim washes to create a coordinated look or contrast light and dark shades to add dimension and depth.

Cargo Pants

Our final Y2K inspired trend is cargo pants.... need we say more? An iconic look now and a stylish cut then, the cargo pants have seen more than a resurgence, it’s become a revival. The blend of function and fashion truly comes to fruition with the classic cargo pant silhouette.

Combining utilitarian military features with a flattering fit is no easy feat, but our Lorna Jane’s cargo pant range has done just that. With our Flashdance Cargo Pants, High-Waisted Cargo Pant, Athleisure Cargo Pant, Half-Time Cargo Pant & Full Length Cargo Pant styles there’s a look to match your style aesthetic.

Create an effortlessly elevated everyday look by paring your Y2K-inspired cargo pants with sneakers, a cropped tee and dad cap. Or dress them up with boots and blazer for your next night out.

Make the most of Y2K fashion & 2000s style

Embrace the naughties nostalgia and get ready to throwback in style with some of our top season Y2K trends. Discover our new drop of 2000s inspired pieces online or in-store today from denim-look pieces to graphic tees, velour tracksuits and more – we have the Y2K aesthetic covered.

Y2K Style FAQs

What Does Y2K mean?

Y2K is an abbreviation and stands for the year 2000. It is typically used when referring to 2000s fashion trends, celebrities or cultural phenomena from this era.

What influenced Y2K style?

The rise of technology in the early 2000s made it one of the first times social media platforms and images could be shared quickly across the globe. This influenced the fashion cycle as Australian women could look to iconic celebrities for everyday style inspiration without waiting for a magazine to detail their latest looks.

What is 2000s fashion?

The 2000s had a very signature style which has recently seen a resurgence in mainstream fashion. Aptly named ‘2000s fashion’ or Y2K fashion, this aesthetic is often characterised by neon colours, layering of clothing items, graphic tees, low-rise denim, mini skirts, cargo pants, platform sandals, butterfly clips, claw clips, mini bags, tiny sunglasses and more.

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