Work It Girl: Tights for Every Workout

16 Mar, 2023 | MNB TEAM


No matter what workout you’re tackling, wearing the wrong gear can make the difference between going the extra mile and cutting it short. How do you know what tights to grab when you’re heading to a yoga class so you can move through vinyasas with ease? Or what about which tights to throw on to support your quads while getting through 50 burpees in today’s WOD?

Well, you’re in luck! We’ve created this tights and leggings guide with the best tights for every workout, so you know exactly what to wear for any moves you’re making.

Workout Tights for the Gym or Crossfit

We are absolutely in love with the Amy Phone Pocket tights! These are our go-to workout tights for burpees, squats, and lunges, because they remind us to engage our abs to support our lower back with the extra stomach compression from our Active Core Stability™. The high-rise and Active Core Stability™ helps them stay in place whether we are sprinting ahead or jumping up and down.

Because we love to work our butts off to break a sweat, we love having the flatlock seams for added comfort when doing ground work and technical fabrics that wick moisture away quickly, keeping us cool and dry. With a phone pocket on either side, you can exercise with peace of mind knowing your goodies are safe and secured.

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Workout Tights for Yoga or Pilates

The last thing we want to be worrying about during our yoga or Pilates class is being self-conscious about our workout wear (it totally messes with our zen!). Our rule of thumb here is to keep it simple (avoid tights with too many zippers or seams) with a basic workout tight that is fitted and supportive with a smooth waistband.

Our Lotus No Chafe tights are our favorite for Yoga and Pilates, constructed from our Nothing 2 See Here ™ fabrication they are soft to touch and have a 4-way stretch. With features such as no chafe technology meaning no inner leg seam and a smooth high waist band, you will be comfortable from Hatha Yoga through to Reformer Pilates.

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Workout Tights for Running

When we are out running and find ourselves constantly adjusting and pulling up our running tights every few strides, it can sometimes make us want to quit early (and girl, we don’t want none of that!). Wearing a run tight with a supportive waistband is super important for us when running, because it helps us pay attention to our form and breathing instead of how frustrating our pants are.

We also look for run tights made of a compressive fabric, with supportive seams to aid muscle recovery, reduce fatigue and stimulate blood circulation. These features help give us a boost during and after our run.

Our go to pair of running tights are the Ultimate Excel Tights, these tights are built for performance. With Active Core Stability™ and an internal drawcord they have a supportive waistband that will stay in place no matter how far you run. Engineered to support you as you run, with power mesh paneling down the outside of the leg, No Chafe technology (no inner leg seams) to avoid runners chafe and No Ride (anti camel toe) technology.

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Workout Tights for Cycling

Whether we’re in a spin class or out on a long cycle, loose fitting pants can get caught in our spokes and cause a nasty spill (we’ve learned that the hard way). To play it safe, we choose a tight that is form-fitting, but not restricting to our movement since our legs are constantly in motion when spinning. Because we know we will be working our legs super hard, we opt for a compressive-like fit to aid muscle support and help with workout recovery.

The Elite No Ride Ankle Biter Leggings are the perfect pair of tights for cycling, made from our LJ Elite fabrication in a form fitting cut, with cooling mesh detailing they will keep you cool on sweaty rides and aid in muscle recovery with the additional seams for added muscle support.

Still unsure about what tights are best for you? Check out our Tights and Leggings Guide where we cover features, collections, and our bestselling tights. Or shop our full range of tights here.

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