12 NOV, 2022

Have you heard? SKIN is in.

We are talking about the ‘barely there’, freckles on display, fresh out of the shower, supple skin aesthetic that is filling your Instagram feeds, pages of Marie Claire, and Lorna Jane campaigns (wink). Adorned by the IT girls, Hailey Bieber, Matilda Djerf and Kylie Jenner, the days of full coverage makeup, and heavy concealer are gone- making way to a new era of glam, where your real skin gets to step out of the shadows, and into centre stage. FINALLY!

So, in true MNB style we set out to find exactly what goes into achieving that ethereal, ‘lit from within’ skin glow that we are so ENVIOUS of. And discovered that there is a treatment that is being hailed as the elixir for always radiant skin. A little TLC – or should we say PRP of our biggest organ- our skin.

PRP- The Ultimate in TLC.

There are a lot of anagrams going around so let’s set the record straight on what PRP is. It stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, and is the beauty treatment that both skin experts, dermatologists and beauty editors are championing as the ‘pick me up’ for glowy, forever dewy skin.

PRP is also not a new treatment. In fact, it’s long been recognised and used in hospitals and in sports medicine for its effective and rapid healing properties. It is especially great for treating:

  • Acne scars

  • Stretch marks

  • Uneven skin tone and appearance

  • Preventing aging

  • Fine lines

  • Pigmentation

  • Skin congestion

  • Enlarged pores

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Sun damage

  • Skin buoyancy and general skin quality

Said to help boost collagen production (for tighter, smoother, newer-looking skin) and improve everything from sun damage and hyperpigmentation to fine lines and acne scarring, the key ingredient that makes this PRP treatment so otherworldly, is the super serum. Unlike anything else you have used before, or experienced at facials, this super serum is a nutrient rich elixir made up of healing properties from your own body- yes you heard us!

PRP uses a patient’s own blood serum without the addition of any foreign products. The treatment works by drawing a small sample of your blood, which is then spun in a centrifuge machine on site at the clinic. The plasma is then separated from the blood sample. Plasma is the layer enriched with all the nutrients, growth factors, healing factors, and platelets (otherwise known as liquid golds). This super supercharged serum of platelet-rich plasma is then layered on your face, after which it is micro-needled across the forehead and cheeks to help the face absorb these proteins. Microneedling is a procedure that makes a series of superficial, micro-injuries using sterile needles. Both the microneedling and the PRP stimulate collagen growth, and result in the most enviable bouncy, dewy, refined and smoothed skin complexion.

Sounds unreal right? We thought so. So, we did what any good friend would do, tried it ourselves and broke down the treatment for you, so you don’t have too!

*SPOILER* We have never felt more comfortable in our own skin -literally and figurately!

As holistic meets the latest in beauty technology advocates, we booked the appointment at the only clinic we knew that would deliver both incredible results, and nourish our skin, but also make us feel incredibly comfortable. Where we turned to was

Before: The TLC you need before PRP

Before the treatment, the ladies gave me a few little tips (don’t worry, you’ll receive these prior to your appointment):

  • Avoid aspirin! and other blood thinning substances like alcohol and ibuprofen
  • Hydrate! We should all be doing this anyway but was specially advised to drink 2-3 litres of water in the days leading up to the treatment to ensure my skin was well hydrated.
  • Avoid exercise on the day of treatment (rest day- YAY!)

During: Go time!

I walk into the salon and am immediately taken aback by how calming, beautiful and serene it felt. Candles were burning, there was soft ambient music playing, and to top it off I was greeted with a warm lemongrass and ginger tea on arrival- (does it get any better?!) I truly felt like I had been transported into some celebrity access only clinic in New York’s SOHO district.

Before long I am escorted into one of the treatment rooms where I am met with Nurse Nina. Nina has been working as an injector for over 2 years, with over 13 years of hospital nursing experience in a maxilofacial surgery unit as a Registered Nurse.

I was quite nervous, as a first timer for not only PRP but skin needling in general, I had questions (a lot of them) and was asking them at a million miles an hour. Nurse Nina graciously answered everyone with care and detail, and consistently made me feel at ease in regards to the process, what to expect and most importantly that I would be blown away by the results. She advised I would be quite red immediately (like a tinge of sun-burn) post treatment, but that it would be so worth it.

Before long, my face was being cleansed, a numbing cream applied (for ultimate comfort during the microneedling) and the process of extracting my super skin serum elixir (aka drawing my blood) had begun. This was extremely quick, full of zero fuss and quite frankly interesting!

About 20 minutes later, once my super charged PRP serum had finished spinning from the centrifuge machine, it was go-time! Nurse Nina began to smooth my very own PRP serum over my face, and intermittently micro needle the serum into my skin.

This process was a comfortable mix of cool liquid from the PRP, followed by a slight poking feeling of the microneedles. I could feel that the pricks were happening, but I didn’t feel any pain; it was just a little sensitive in more delicate areas like near the nose and lips. So yes, I could feel it, but it was more of a blunt, poking feeling rather than a pain- which I was over the moon about! Overall, this process took about five minutes- super quick and totally manageable.

Painless? CHECK!

Following the treatment, a beautiful soothing sheet mask was applied to my face. The lights went down low, that soft, ambient music increased in volume, and the maxo relaxo vibes came over me. Pure bliss.

Immediately After: Get the Glow

I’m not going to lie- immediately after the treatment I was RED. It looked like one of those sunbathers in the 80s with a sunglass tan. However, it wasn’t anything that I wasn’t expecting or prepared for, and like a lot of the more abrasive wellness treatments, a little post treatment blushing is totally normal- in fact usually preferred! Nurse Nina advised that the redness will ease within the next 8 hours or overnight. And she was right- the next morning, I woke up, still feeling a bit tender but completely rid of the redness- yay!

The Final After: Forever Glow

I hate to cut to the chase- but PRP has given me THE best skin of my life. For someone who has always treated my skin well, I was taken aback by just how drastic the quality, elasticity and smoothness of my skin had improved. It is widely advised that it takes 2 – 3 sessions of PRP to see an incredible change and agree that after my second session it is when I noticed the MOST change- however following my first treatment I felt incredibly juicy, bouncy, and radiant in my own skin. As a result, I am wearing less makeup, spending less money on the occasional less intensive skin treatments, and have been able to completely simplify my skincare routine (and my spendings) for the first time in years.

Summer skin goals- here we come!

Want to learn more? The babes at Browskii are giving you a discount on all treatments, so try the PRP glow for yourself. Use MNBROWSKII when booking xx

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