Top Gym Bag Essentials Every Woman Needs

08 Jul, 2021 | MNB TEAM


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We’ve all experienced the frustration of reaching the gym front doors only to remember you’ve run out of hair ties or don’t have headphones. Or worse still – forgot your water bottle!

At Move Nourish Believe, we’ve forgotten our gym essentials enough to know that no one should have to go through that disappointment again. We’ve compiled a list of essential gym bag items for women. So, you can smash through any workout with peace of mind you have everything you’ll need.

We will answer the most common questions: what to pack in a gym bag for women? What’s the best gym bag essentials for her? Or what to bring to the gym?

1. The Gym Bag

The foundation of any good gym session is a great gym bag! A bag spacious enough to hold your things without being bulky. A bag that’s comfortable to carry on your commute. Plus, durable enough to last longer than a couple of trips to the gym. At Lorna Jane, we believe no woman should have to compromise on functionality over style. So, we created the ‘Lorna Jane All in Gym Bag’. This bag is cute, comfortable and carries all your gym essentials! It has been designed with double handles and detachable straps, perfect for filling with gym bag essentials. Or if a backpack is more your style, the ‘LJ Backpack’ is another great choice! Complete with adjustable straps, handholds, spacious interior, and drink bottle pocket. Whatever gym bag you choose, it’s important to pick one that you love. A bag you see yourself genuinely using that has enough room to fit your essentials. It’s also an investment, so prioritising quality and durability is a must.

2. The Water Bottle

After picking your gym bag, the next essential gym accessory is a water bottle. It is important before, during, and after your workouts, you are staying hydrated. This helps with your effectiveness in the gym and is great for general health and wellbeing. Plus, who wants to drink directly out of the gym water fountain and interrupt your killer sets to do so? No, thanks! Our ‘Classic 1L Water Bottle' is a great option for your next gym water bottle. The flip straw and lid handle make it easy to drink from and carry with you from one gym machine to another. Its clear colour also makes monitoring your water intake a breeze. The 1L size means you won’t have to keep re-filling your drink bottles between reps too.

3. Hair Ties

We’ve all been gym before and gone to reach for the hair tie we’ve had on our wrist all day only to find it’s disappeared! Then run to the car in search of spares, only to turn up empty-handed. Having spare hair-ties on hand is another gym bag essential. If you can’t tie your hair back for your workout, it could result in an ineffective exercise session. Whether you prefer hair elastics or scrunchies, be sure to pack an extra packet (or a couple) in your gym bag. You can even buy scrunchies like the ‘LJ Active Scrunchie’ with moisture wicking fabric! If you need added hair control, you can also pack a headband into your gym bag to tame those flyaways.

4. Sweat Towel

Stop the slip and sweat with a gym towel. There’s nothing worse than using a machine at the gym, and after one repetition, your hands keep slipping! A gym towel will become your favourite buddy at the gym, removing unwanted sweat or moisture.

5. Training Gloves

Another way to ensure a sturdy grip on equipment and weights are training gloves. Our next essential for your gym bag! Our ‘LJ Training Gloves‘ are perfect if you weight-train regularly or want to get into it! These help to make your weight sessions as effective and efficient as possible.

6. Hand Sanitiser & Spare Face Masks

You can’t have a gym bag packed without hand sanitiser and spare face masks in today’s day and age! Ensure you’ve packed spare sanitiser. This can help you wipe equipment and clean your hands after touching gym machinery. Keeping some extra face masks in your bag can also come in handy in case you’ve forgotten to pack one in your car.

7. Headphones

No gym session is as fun without some great tunes to get you through your workout! They’re the perfect way to get you into the zone and pumped up for your workout. So, packing your favourite headphones into your gym back is a must for making the most out of your exercise.

If you regularly use headphones outside the gym, packing a spare set into your bag could also come in handy!

8. Snacks

Fuelling your body right before heading to the gym is one of the key things that set you up for a successful workout. But sometimes, we’re heading to the gym straight from work and don’t have time to grab something to eat before we head in. There’s nothing worse than rocking up to the gym and being absolutely starving. It impacts our mood and, most importantly, our performance. Try pre-preparing healthy snacks like a protein ball or slice to tide you over until you get back home for a meal.

9. Pads & Tampons

Sometimes mother nature decides to pay a visit at the worst of times, including mid-workout at the gym. Ensure you pack spare pads and tampons into your gym bag just in case!

10. Deodorant

This gym bag accessory is a no-brainer! Whether you forgot to swipe on some deodorant before hitting the gym. Or need to refresh on the commute from work – packing your favourite deodorant is a must.

11. Padlock

Keep your belongings secure with a padlock while working out. Keep your locker or gym bag secure with an inexpensive combination lock.

12. Foam Roller

Before and after a hard gym session, it’s essential to stretch out your muscles. A great tool to relieve tension, knots, inflammation and more is a foam roller! This also helps to increase blood flow, joint range, and flexibility. Foam rollers will be your new favourite gym item and are great for post-strength training!

13. Makeup Remover

When heading for a workout after work or a day of errands, sometimes we need to take our makeup off at the gym. Pack some makeup remover wipes in your gym bag to get your face clean in a flash!

14. Showering at The Gym Essentials

If you like to shower at the gym after a workout, here are some extra essentials to add to your gym bag:

  • Wash Bag: Separate your sweaty workout gear and activewear into a wash bag. This lightens your laundry load as you can easily grab your gym wash bag and dump it into the machine, simple as that!
  • Hairbrush: After a hard workout, our hair can sometimes be looking a little messy. Brush out the knots and get ready for the ready of your day by packing a hairbrush into your gym bag.
  • Toiletries: Pack showering essentials in travel-sized containers. These are perfect for the gym and don’t take up room in your bag.

And there you have it! Our top gym bag essentials and accessories for women. To help you the most of your gym sessions time and time again.

Let us see your gym bag set-up by tagging us @lornajaneactive in your next IG post.

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