Active Nation Day 2022


So, how did we move?

This year our MOVEment was celebrated across the month of September and WOW did our community respond! From virtual events across China to community led walks across the United States, the power of movement was embraced by so many around the world and we couldn’t be happier.

As we stretched our legs post lock down and reminded ourselves how good it feels to be active, we were amazed to watch communities reunite around the globe and celebrate the power of movement.

This year we have taken the time to pause and reflect on what our 10th Active Nation Day stands for. Unfortunately, despite our years of championing movement, we continue to see, and tackle the rising obesity crisis around the world. Alongside this, there is an urgent need to prioritise our mental health. This was our call out to you, our community. To seek your help in driving this ever-important Active Nation movement – and we were simply blown away by the response! Throughout the month we were moved by your personal stories (someone get the tissues), educated by experts in movement, nutrition, and mindfulness, and inspired to sweat as we celebrated the gift of moving for ourselves and for our health.

We were inspired by empowered women wanting to live their best active lives, and surrounded by people who together showed their commitment to a fitter future in such an uplifting, inclusive and positive way.

Active Nation Day is proof if one person can create change, together we can change the world!

Let’s break it down;

  • 15 official Active Nation Day events globally in North America, Australia, UK, China, New Zealand & Dubai
  • 70 million global impressions with an aim to inspire movement on Active Nation Day!
  • 2.7 million views of the #activenationday hashtag

Your contribution is in those numbers and it is clear that there is power in movement- 70 million strong in fact. We thank you for MOVING with us, whether it be in digital or physical form and encouraging your communities, friends and families to do the same by snapping their #activenationday.

Move for You. Become part of the change and look out for more events across the year as the Lorna Jane community continue to drive the MOVEment for Active Nation Day 2023.

We couldn’t do it without you! Check out the images here.