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Unlock Your Winning Mindset with Olivia Kelly

| MNB Team

Now is the perfect time to redefine your health and fitness goals and reignite how good it feels to be active! This includes cultivating a winning mindset to conquer the gym.

To provide you with the ultimate motivation, we spoke with Atora Trainer and Fitness Influencer, Olivia Kelly, to give us the inside scoop on cultivating a winning mindset and what being Active means to her.

Q: What does Active Living™ mean to you?

Olivia: Active Living™ to me is about using exercise as a release. Being active helps me clear my mind, improves my mood and keeps me on track with daily life.

Q: What are your daily non-negotiables

Olivia: Moving my body in some way everyday whether that's weights, boxing or walking. To enjoy a balanced diet and reward myself with the foods I love to keep me energised. To treat everyone with kindness and always check in on your loved ones.

Q: What does a day on your plate look like?

Olivia: Mango & PB smoothie for breakfast, salmon veg and rice for lunch, yoghurt and granola bowl with lots of PB, chicken or beef burrito bowl and some chocolate and ice cream to finish the day always. I'll always snack on fruit during the day as well.

Q: What is your favourite way to move?

Olivia: I love strength training because of how empowered it makes me feel but my absolute favourite way to move is boxing, no matter what day I'm having or how I'm feeling I always come out feeling amazing afterwards it is such a mentally and physically challenging sport that I respect deeply.

Q: What does a winning mindset mean to you & help you succeed?

Olivia: To me, a winning mindset is about being able to push myself out of my comfort zone by testing my limits in a positive way. I can wake up every morning and be grateful how far I have come and what I've achieved. Celebrating the small wins along the journey has always helped me to achieve success and remind me of my why.

"Celebrating the small wins has helped me to achieve success and remind me of my 'why'."
Olivia Kelly