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Lorna Jane - Move, Nourish, Beleive

Founded by Lorna Jane Clarkson in 2011, Swap Shop is a unique Lorna Jane initiative that encourages all women to exchange and change the lives of those in need by offering a $5 store credit for every piece of pre-loved Activewear they donate. Any brand, any time!

This special program has seen Lorna Jane customers donate over 45,000* items of pre-loved exercise wear in exchange for pieces from Lorna Jane’s on-trend active collections.

For Lorna Jane, our contribution goes BEYOND THE CLOTH and extends to the EMPOWERMENT of women everywhere.

The clothing (that is still in good condition) is donated to the Salvation Army. Given the overwhelming response by the community to this program, Swap Shop has gone global into the US market. Swap Shop encourages our customers to review their wardrobe and identify any old or unused Activewear. Simply drop it into your local Lorna Jane store and help those in the community who are less fortunate.

“Swap Shop is an initiative that most retailers would avoid due to its potential impact on profits. To me though, Swap Shop is much more important than that. It enables our contribution to go beyond the cloth and extends to the empowerment of women everywhere.” Says Lorna Jane.

*40,454 articles of clothing donated in Australia since 2011 (to date).
*5,319 articles of clothing donated in the US since 2014 (to date).  

Collect any brand or pieces of pre-loved Activewear you don’t mind parting with. Make sure your items are washed and in good condition.
Bring your pre-loved Activewear instore and receive $5 store credit per item (max. 3 items) towards your new active wardrobe.

Not only will you be rewarded with credit towards a new LJ item, you’ll also feel great knowing that you have helped someone else get active with your Activewear donation
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