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Lorna Jane - Move, Nourish, Beleive
Sourcing - know the hands your products pass through

Many apparel businesses utilise multiple factories that are owned by different companies to manufacture their products based purely on cost, quality or speed of manufacture. 

As Lorna Jane expanded, we reasoned that having one principal source of production would enable us to make products our way in terms of working conditions, quality and brand understanding. We have built a long-term partnership with one dedicated and ethical Australian-owned and managed manufacturing group that solely produces Lorna Jane products. 

It matters to us that our manufacturing source reflects who we are as a brand. Located in Ningbo, China, Lorna Jane’s manufacturing partner is a WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified business. Our current WRAP certification was issued in August, 2017.

We work closely with the factory to ensure all team members are compensated above the living wage and closely monitor working hours.

WRAP is an independent, non-profit, objective team of global compliance experts dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world. WRAP conduct the largest independent factory accreditation program in the world that is based on the following twelve principles and the conventions of the International Labour Organisation:

  1. Compliance with Laws and Workplace Relations
  2. Prohibition of Forced Labour
  3. Prohibition of Child Labour
  4. Prohibition of Harassment or Abuse
  5. Compensation and Benefits
  6. Hours of Work
  7. Prohibition of Discrimination
  8. Health and Safety
  9. Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
  10. Environment
  11. Customs Compliance
  12. Security

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The environment - know the footprints your brand makes/ Energy conservation

We installed a solar farm at our global head office eighteen months ago, which provides all the power required.

Our plan is to follow that very soon with water harvesting.

Our goal is to introduce green energy choices to all our facilities that we are legally permitted to do so in.


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