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At Lorna Jane our mission is to empower and educate women to live a life they love through Active Living and the daily practice of Move, Nourish, Believe.

We design Activewear because we want our products to change the way you live, to transform the way you think, but most importantly, the way you FEEL about getting active. We create garments that will move with you, sweat with you, breathe with you and stretch with you..


Over 28 years ago, our founder - Lorna Jane Clarkson - didn’t just join the Activewear category. She invented it.

Lorna began sewing workout wear for herself whilst working as a fitness instructor in Brisbane Australia.  What was initially a personal frustration at the lack of un-inspiring workout clothes soon led to women in her classes queuing to place orders. This quickly became a full-time job.

From the very beginning Lorna's vision for the brand has extended beyond just creating an Activewear product.  It is Lorna’s way of life that constantly inspires the brand’s Active Living philosophy and daily practice of Move, Nourish and Believe.

We are continually researching to develop new pieces that will evolve our Activewear forward into the future.  We design just for women and our garments are created to feel like an extension of YOU.

The three Lorna Jane brand icons represent the daily practice of Move, Nourish and Believe - Moving every day, Nourishing from the inside out and Believing that anything is possible. They appear on every Lorna Jane garment as a constant reminder that Active Living is more than just words. These icons are a personal reminder, every day to act on your dreams, work on your wellness and truly believe that anything is possible - We call it the Lorna Jane difference.

So every month we commit to 70 -100 new collection pieces available in over 250+ stores across Australia and the USA, showrooms & stockists in Canada, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa, China, Europe and the UK and our .com’s worldwide.  Because we believe it’s about so much more than just feeling good in new Activewear – when you wear Lorna Jane it’s about feeling your BEST.

On a quest to simply inspire herself, Lorna Jane Clarkson - Active Living Advocate, Business Leader, Fashion Designer & Author - has single handedly revolutionalised fitness clothing, by creating the Activewear category for women across the globe.

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