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The App is available for Android and IOS Devices and is also now integrated with the Apple Health App. This ensures all your activity data on your device is saved and adds all of the moves you do via the Lorna Jane App into your move dashboard tracker in your Apple Health App.
Download it for FREE now on the App Store or Google Play and become part of one of the world’s biggest global movements.
  • Map your distance, track your time, average speed and energy burnt.
  • Publish your results to Facebook and add complete movements to ‘Favourites’ for easy reference.
  • View your activity history to check your progress over time
  • Keep up to date with the total Move contribution of all APP users in the Fit Feed or with your friends if logged in via Facebook
  • Unlock badges on completion of set goals
  • Select your distance tracking to be in Kilometers or Miles
  • Enable ‘Voice Feedback’ in Settings to hear status updates on your speed and for motivational messages from Lorna herself
  • Find a new track using our ‘Find Move’ function to locate a track near you that is a favourite with other App users
  • Feed your mind and body with nourishing recipes and tips from
  • Flag recipes for quick reference using the ‘Favourites’ function
  • Personalise your notifications and receive daily mantras, tips and fitspirations
  • Be inspired to achieve your goals every day
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