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Our trademarked Nothing 2 See Here™ Fabric is designed with proprietary light-blocking interlock technology that assures maximum coverage. You can downward dog and deadlift with nothing but confidence.


LJ Excel™ is a high performance fabric exclusive to Lorna Jane. Get the feeling of cotton with the benefits of advanced synthetic fibre technology. Enjoy compressive properties for the ultimate support to aid in muscle recovery.


This buttery soft fabric will give you that next to nothing feeling. Our lightest weight fabric sits close to the skin with multi directional stretch that will have you feeling both supported and through out your flow unrestricted.


A cool and sleek technical fabric. It's glossy finish doesn't only look athletic, but it's cool touch will wick moisture away from the body leaving skin dry during workouts. This fabric will ensure you feel cool and comfortable from warm up to cool down.


Our Eco tights are made from recycled polyester so they're not just great for your workout, they're good for the planet too!With their buttery soft feel, zero transparency and incredible support and performance - you'd never know that approximately 10 plastic bottles goes into each pair.


The first of our Skin Technologies - LJ Hydrate is our Nothing 2 See Here™ fabric infused with Aloe Vera encapsulated technology to create next level hydration for your skin whilst you workout. Aloe Vera particles release from the fabric onto your skin leaving it rejuvenated, hydrated and silky smooth...hard to believe, but true!


Engineered to keep the cold out and the warmth in our LJ Thermal Technology is the perfect fabric for venturing outdoors when the weather is cold.

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