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As an Active woman, I know from first-hand experience there are a lot of things women need from their Activewear. I know that you work out to feel good but you also want to look good whilst you’re doing it. I also know that you want pieces that you can wear beyond your workouts because these days we want to wear our Activewear Every Wear.

The pieces we design at Lorna Jane need to function first and look good second – although we like to think we do both equally well.

As a designer I want you to trust that your Activewear is both flattering and beautiful. Know that you are wearing the very best in quality and importantly that it will inspire you to Move, Nourish and Believe every day. Design is a funny concept. Some people think it means how something looks. But If you dig deeper however, it is really how it works. This is where designing Activewear differs from designing traditional fashion pieces.

All of our collections at Lorna Jane are wear tested by our team of active women. They spend days doing exactly what our customers will do in our garments – run, spin, downward dog, running errands and meeting friends for Brunch – to ensure that what we design is what we deliver. Importantly, wear testing provides us true insight into a garment that might not be seen at first glance or purchase, but that you will appreciate every second that you have it against your skin. What you wear is your message to the world about who you are and what you stand for. When you wear Lorna Jane you are telling the world that you care as much about style as you do about fitness. You are also making a statement that you aspire and work hard to get the most out of every day through Active Living.

-Lorna Jane Clarkson

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