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Our retail spaces are personal and inviting. Just like our products, they are designed for active women by active women. They provide environment that makes you feel welcomed, motivated and inspired to live an Active Life. With over 30 stores across the United States we have a range of positions available from part-time Active Stylists, to Assistant Shop Managers and Shop Managers.


Active Living Rooms

Our Active Living Room concept stores immerses our customers in the Active Living philosophy where the daily practice of Move Nourish and Believe come to life. Active Living Rooms offer a variety of fitness classes, Activewear styling sessions and a whole lot of inspiration. The Active Living Room stores were designed by the brand’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Lorna Jane Clarkson.


USA Home Office

Our USA Home Office is located in Santa Monica, California. This is home to centralized departments such as Marketing, Operations, Finance, IT, HR and Customer Service.



The main warehouse is located at the USA Home Office in Santa Monica, California. We have over 500,000 items in the warehouse at any given time and ship to locations all over the world.


Our Global Movement

We are passionate about inspiring women around the globe to live their best lives through active living and we have already introduced the Active Living philosophy in over 65 countries around the world. The International Head Office is located in Brisbane, with other company owned and operated offices in Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

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