Lorna Jane - Move, Nourish, Beleive
Build Your Home Business With One Of The World’s Most Inspiring Women’s Brands!

Have you ever wanted to run your own business?

Make your dreams come true with Lorna Jane.

If you’re passionate about Active Living and all things health and wellness, stop searching for your dream career and start creating it with the Lorna Jane Activate Program.

Designed to empower you to run your very own individual business, the Activate Program has been shaped to fit in with your lifestyle and would suit those wanting to work in a part time capacity. With your passion for customer service and our premium activewear, the Activate Program is the perfect way to set yourself up for success. Before you know it, you will be running your own show and creating your own community of Active Living advocates.

If this excites you, become an Active Living Activator today.

Click here to read to full Lorna Jane Active Program Summary or complete this form and apply today.

Want to find out more or ask us a question? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us at belinda.lee@lornajane.com.


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