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At Lorna Jane our mission is to empower women to live a life that they love through Active Living and the daily practice of Move, Nourish, Believe.

We are driven to design the best Activewear because we want to change the way women live and we know when they wear Lorna Jane it transforms the way they think, but more importantly how they feel about being active.

We want women to know that being healthy doesn't have to be about finding more time, eating less or trying to look like anyone else. And we're here to make them feel good about themselves and where they are right now, whilst helping them to become a fitter, faster and stronger version of themselves.


Yes, Lorna Jane is a real person.

Lorna Jane Clarkson is the woman behind (and in front) of Lorna Jane. She's our Founder, Chief Creative Officer and all round inspo Queen. As well as being our leading lady, she's also a highly regarded wellness guru, author, entrepreneur, an eternal optimist and (fun-fact) the single most awarded Activewear designer on the planet.

The Lorna Jane story began more than 30 years ago, when her decision not to settle for second best in her workout clothes began the cultural and fashion phenomenon that is Activewear.




Like the sands through the  hourglass, so are the days of our lives at Lorna Jane. From sewing leotards and leading fitness classes, to building a brand that inspires women around the world, it’s clear this journey has been a wild ride.

Discover the evolution of Lorna Jane here



Back in the day, gym wear for women was boring, unflattering and uncomfortable. So, rather than settling for what was available, Lorna Jane Clarkson, a bright eyed Aerobics Instructor in Brisbane, Australia decided to unpick her favorite swimsuit and figure out how to make her own.

Wearing her own handmade designs at the gym, women began approaching Lorna and placing custom orders. Due to overwhelming requests, Lorna began taking a small selection of pieces to sell after class. Before long she was spending all of her spare time designing, cutting patterns on her living room floor and sewing at the kitchen table to keep up with demand. When Lorna saw the positive impact wearing her designs had on the women in her classes, she knew that there was more to this than just making cute Activewear.

In 1989, she took the leap, quit her day job and - 'Lorna Jane' was born.

Over the past 30 years we’ve grown from 1 retail store in Brisbane, to being a global leader and the most awarded brand in Activewear. We now have more than 200 stores across 17 countries and are available online across the world.

Our global HQ is still in our home town of Brisbane, Australia but we also have buzzing LJ HQ hubs in Santa Monica, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, London, Auckland and Vancouver (talk about global reach!). Yes, we wear our Activewear to work and we believe that’s a part of why we have the energy to get things done! From our work to fiercely played Fit Friday netball games, everything we do is fuelled with enthusiasm, passion and the drive to inspire ourselves and others to live our lives at 100%.


We believe that wearing Activewear inspires
and motivates you to be active.

That's why we invented it! And why we first opened our doors in 1989, to inspire, motivate and support you to live your happiest and heathiest life. We want to make sure that you have everything you need to live an active and inspired life and that all starts with designing and engineering the best Activewear on the planet!

When it comes our customers only the best will do, and that's why we're passionate about and strive to deliver... the best... every single time. The latest in innovation and technical fabrics, the most flattering, fashionable and functional design and quite simply the highest quality Activewear on the planet (there's a reason we keep winning awards!).

Because our garments fit you, you will FEEL BETTER.
Because our fabric moves with you, you will MOVE BETTER.
Because our pieces perform with you, you will PERFORM BETTER.



More than just a familiar slogan on our inspo tanks, ‘Never, Never, Never Give Up’ speaks to the heart of the Lorna Jane way.

Originating way back in the day when we were in a massive growth phase and under immense pressure to keep up, it’s still the way we approach every challenge, curveball and plank off competition.


Our icons have been an integral part of Lorna Jane since way back - and that they actually stand for something?

Linking the L and J initials together to form an off-kilter square.

Each icon represents one of the 3 pillars of the
daily practice of MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE and
the three icons together are LORNA JANE.

Active Living and the practice of Move Nourish Believe is so important to us that it’s literally everywhere thanks to our icons, including at the entrance to all of our stores and on every single garment. Using it as our brand logo, the icons remind everyone what is at the heart of our message, mission and (we hope) inspires you to:

Move your body every day | Nourish from the inside out | Believe that anything is possible


The Active Living Philosophy is the way Lorna lives her life daily and it's now evolved into a global movement! Much like when she saw the positive, motivational effect that wearing her designs had on women, Lorna knows the huge impact Active Living has on her life and wants to share that with the world.

We're all busy and are consistently faced with the pressure to do more or be more. We’re not about that. Sure, we want to help you reach your goals and live your happiest active life. But we want you to do it FOR you and YOUR way.

Active Living isn't adding more to your plate or external expectations. It's doing less but being mindful to invest your precious time into what's important to you - your health, wellbeing and happiness. Simply MOVE your body, NOURISH your mind and body (not just consume) and BELIEVE in yourself EVERY DAMN DAY.

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