Our Founder

Active Living advocate Lorna Jane Clarkson is the founder of award-winning activewear brand Lorna Jane. Celebrated as a fashion design icon and renowned for her Active Living philosophy, Lorna's journey began more than two decades ago when she revolutionized the fitness clothing industry.

In 1989, Lorna Jane Clarkson cut her first leotard pattern from the floor of a small studio in Australia. Frustrated by the lack of stylish and functional exercise clothing on the market, the then-fitness instructor began to sew fitness attire out of her own need for active fashion. Her designs quickly gained a strong following when she wore them to her classes, and she soon found herself spending all of her spare time designing and sewing to keep up with demand.

Remaining true to her roots, the fashion visionary drew inspiration from her personal journey to motivate the next crop of fit and fearless women to embrace an active way of life. In just two decades, Lorna's innovative spirit has transformed her Active Living philosophy into a global activewear brand.

"Lorna Jane Clarkson is at the forefront of a global Active Living movement."

Lorna's energetic outlook has inspired a worldwide sisterhood of women to embrace Active Living and the daily practice of Move Nourish Believe. Throughout her career, the designer has developed a special connection with the women who wear and love her brand.

Today, Lorna's passion and determination has empowered a new sisterhood of active women across the United States. As expansion advances across the nation, the designer has taken a grassroots approach to meeting US customers: holding intimate trunk shows, visiting local fitness centers and inviting active women to visit Lorna Jane stores after class.

Lorna's creative vision extends beyond activewear and lovers of the brand have long applauded her unique ability to offer the wearer a sense of energy and vitality. When women wear Lorna's designs, they show the world that strong is the new sexy and strength is not defined by size or shape. Together, the global sisterhood encourages aspiring active women to believe in the endless possibilities of Active Living.